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Formula One was in Belgium, at the historic Spa race track for what turned out to be a bit of a procession. Verstappen ran away with this victory and it wasn't without warning from his race engineer - but its an eighth win in a row for the reigning World Champion. Perez in the second Red Bull lead the early laps but had no defence to Verstappen and has to settle for second with Leclerc taking a podium for Ferrari.

It was Charles Leclerc who lead into turn one with Sergio Perez in second - Oscar Piastri has a broken wing after contact in the first corner. But it was Perez who lead into turn 3 and Verstappen is into fourth.

On the second lap Piastri has stopped and is out. Sainz has side pod damage with his engineer saying he [Sainz] has lost 5% aero balance.

Just seventeen laps in and Max Verstappen leads the race from Perez in second with Leclerc still in third.

It took twenty four laps of dropping positions and driving around at the back before Sainz is retired from the race.

The next race is the Dutch Grand Prix.

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