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Formula One was in Melbourne, Australia in what turned out to be a race full of joys for some and massive disappointment for others. It was Carlos Sainz who managed to take victory in Australia after making a pass on Verstappen early on in the race with Leclerc taking second for a Ferrari

1-2 for the first time since Bahrain 2022 and it was Lando Norris who crossed the line in third for his 14th podium in F1.

As is normal these days it was Max Verstappen who leads into turn one with no crashes into turn one with Carlos Sainz in second and Lando Norris in third from Charles Leclerc and Oscar Piastri.

But the lead for Red Bull and Verstappen only lasted until lap two when Sainz was able to take the lead into turn eight. He passes Verstappen with the help of DRS.

Just two laps after losing the lead to the Ferrari it went from bad to worse for Max Verstappen who was going very slowly - with a fire on his car but something is broken and the reigning World Champion is out of the race. This is Verstappen's first DNF in 43 races (His last DNF coming in Australia 2022). A rear right fire which melted his tire and suspension ended Max’s race.

After the loss of the Red Bull the top five is now Sainz leading from Norris in second with Leclerc in third. Piastri is fourth and George Russell in fifth. 

The pit stop woes continued for Kick Sauber and yet again its Bottas who is involved. 

But the shock of Verstappen not being involved in an F1 race was quickly put to the side as Lewis Hamilton is forced to retire with an engine failure for the Mercedes…

Due to Hamilton pulling over on the track and not making it to the pits the VSC (Virtual Safety Car) is deployed. Green flag is shown on the same lap (Lap 18).

The order after Hamiltons retirement and VSC see’s Sainz keep his lead ahead of his teammate Leclerc in second with Piastri third followed by Norris and Fernando Alonso.

Then to be honest nothing happened that was note worthy. That was until George Russell went tumbling in his Mercedes trying to fight for sixth place with the Aston Martin of Fernando Alonso. A race that went from bad to worse for the team from Brackley as they lose out on a good haul of points in what could have been a very good race for the Silver Arrows.

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