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Photo Credit: EssentiallySports

It was announced today that 4x World Champion Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari once the 2020 season is over. This of course changes up the driver market for next year with many big name driver out of contract - could we see some major changes to the grid for 2021.

With Vettel leaving Ferrari this opens up one of the most coveted seats in the sport. Various names have been thrown out as suggestions as to who will replace Vettel including the likes of;

Sainz / McLaren

Ricciardo / Renault

Giovinazzi / Alfa Romeo

Bottas / Mercedes

Hulkenberg / Former Renault Driver

It's unlikely Ferrari will sign the likes of Giovinazzi as he has little experience in Formula One however they did this with Leclerc and it paid off - this would ultimately make the driver market less interesting with having one of the best seats available to one of the worst at Alfa Romeo.

Hulkenberg is also unlikely to get this drive - a quick driver but is unlikely to be on the radar of the Prancing Horse.

Then you have the likes of Ricciardo and Sainz - both drivers if given a good car could fight for a championship - its more likely of that Ricciardo would get the seat out of these two drivers - a proven race winner is something Ferrari are going to want.

Then you have Bottas - will Mercedes sell Bottas in an attempt to sign Vettel to the Silver Arrows. Or could we see Bottas dropped from a seat altogether and Vettel signed to Mercedes alongside Hamilton - that is a partnership fans have wanted for a long time. There is also the possibility of Mercedes trying a swap deal with Bottas for Vettel - of course this would come with a large financial sum as well.

Could we see Vettel achieve a fifth World Championship in 2021?

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