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F1 returned to Canada for the first time since 2019 and we were given a brilliant battle for the victory between reigning World Champion Verstappen and Carlos Sainz as Perez fails to finish and Leclerc picks up a fifth place.

It was a good start for Max Verstappen (Red Bull) with Fernando Alonso (Alpine) still in second with Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) in third with the Alpine hanging onto the back of Verstappen in the Red Bull.

Just three laps into the race Alonso is passed by Sainz for second with Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) is in fourth with Kevin Magnussen (Haas) in fifth with a small bit of damage to his front wing.

It was only lap eight when Sergio Perez (Red Bull) started going slowly with engine problems and is forced to pull over and is out of the race and the VSC is deployed meaning all cars must reduce their speed to a set limit.

On the very next lap Verstappen comes in for a ‘free’ stop as does Hamilton. Sainz now leads from Alonso with Verstappen in third. One lap later on lap 10 the green flag is out and racing gets back to full speed.

On lap 20/70 Mick Schumacher (Haas) becomes stationary at the same place as Perez earlier on in the race and the VSC is deployed once more. Sainz pits from the lead and comes out in third with Verstappen in first and Alonso in second. Two laps later Sainz passes Alonso for second. Then on lap 24 Hamilton passes Alonso for third.

It took until lap 43 until something happened when Verstappen pits from the lead and Sainz retakes first place and Verstappen comes out in third just behind Hamilton - they were neck and neck when Verstappen passed the white line of the pit lane exit.

Suddenly in an unexpected crash Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) is in the wall - the full Safety Car is out and Sainz pits from the lead meaning Verstappen now leads with the Ferrari back out in second and will be right behind the Red Bull on the restart.

On lap 55 the Safety Car is in and Verstappen leads Sainz into turn one. And due to the exit speed of the Red Bull Sainz has to settle for second and the wait for the Spanish drivers maiden win continues.

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