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Formula One was in Miami for Round Five and in the state for the second time. A race which was more about the strategy rather than the action on the track... sadly for the viewers and spectators. A race which was dominated by the Red Bull's as the fight really was for who would take the final podium position. With victory in Miami its Max Verstappen who will lead the Championship going into the Italian Grand Prix at Imola.

It was Sergio Perez (Red Bull) who lead into turn one ahead of Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) in second and third. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) surprisingly failed to gain a place and stays in ninth which is contrary to what we are used to seeing in the rare occasion that Verstappen doesn't start in second.

It only took Verstappen fifteen laps to get himself up into second place and is now just behind his teammate and will have to fight for the lead of the race and effectively the lead of the championship. Alonso now third with Sainz in fourth.

The first stop from those in the top five came from Perez who pitted on lap 21 from the lead to change the medium tyres to the hard tyres and he rejoined the track in fourth place behind Esteban Ocon (Alpine) who hadn't pitted at this stage. Verstappen leads but still yet to pit at this point in the race.

The next key stop in the race was from Verstappen who managed his hard tyres all the way to lap 45, when Verstappen pitted from the lead as Perez retakes the lead but it's only a 1.3 second gap.

But it didn’t take long for Verstappen to take the lead off of his teammate and its a fight Perez was never really going to win and on lap 48 the race was won from Verstappen as he becomes the most successful Red Bull driver in terms of wins overtaking Sebastian Vettel for that title.

The next race is the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

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