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Daniel Ricciardo has taken his 8th career win his first since Monaco 2018 and McLaren's first win since Button in Brazil back in 2012. Lando Norris comes home in second to make it a McLaren 1-2 for the first time since Canada 2010. Bottas will finish third after Perez took a five second penalty dropping him back.

It was a great start as Ricciardo leads Verstappen into the first corner with Hamilton and Verstappen going side by side as Hamilton is forced wide (similar to the incident in Imola) and Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) spins and loses his front wing but carries on the VSC is deployed. And it didn't take long until the VSC ended as the racing resumes on lap two.

On lap five Gasly (Alpha Tauri) pits to retire his car as Alpha Tauri have a double DNF on a track where they won last year.

After starting 19th and last Bottas continues to fight his way back up the grid and passes Latifi for tenth, on lap 13.

By lap 18 McLaren had lead more laps at this point than they have in the last nine years. Which shows just how much McLaren have struggled in recent times.

On lap 22 Verstappen begins to struggle with his tyres being behind Ricciardo. But is then released on lap 23 as Ricciardo pits from the lead and the Honey Badger comes out in seventh - behind Sainz (Ferrari) but ahead of Bottas (Mercedes) Max Verstappen now leads the race.

Just one lap later Verstappen pits from first but a team that is known for its sub two second stops it's a slow stop taking 11 seconds and he comes out in tenth. Hamilton passes Lando Norris and now leads.

Lap 25 - Norris pits from second and comes out seventh behind Stroll (Aston Martin) and ahead of Max.

Come lap 26 Hamilton pits from the lead - Leclerc (Ferrari) now leads the race.

As Hamilton exits the white line himself and Max went into the first corner side by side as Max’s car jumps on the kerb which connects the two rear wheels and the Red Bull goes bouncing on top of the Mercedes and the slow motion replay shows the halo doing its job. THE SAFETY CAR IS DEPLOYED.

Leclerc pits under the safety car which gives Ricciardo the lead and Charles second with Norris third and Perez (Red Bull) fourth.

On lap 31 the Safety car ends - Ricciardo leads and Norris passes Leclerc meaning it's a McLaren one-two with Leclerc third.

Just three laps later Bottas passes Leclerc for fourth.

Lap 37 - Perez is given a 5 second time penalty for his move on Leclerc which would ultimately take away his podium.

The next race is the Russian Grand Prix.


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