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In this 26 part series of posts I will be going through the alphabet and for each letter, a profile piece on an obscure driver - some you may have heard of before some you may never knew even sat in an F1 car let alone raced one. I have chosen a driver for each letter choosing them based on their surnames.

Alex Yoong is currently the only Malaysian driver to have ever raced in Formula One. Yoong raced in F1 from 2001 to 2002 with the Minardi team, teaming up with Fernando Alonso in 2001 and then Mark Webber in 2002.

Yoong's first race came at the 2001 Italian Grand Prix in which he failed to finish after spinning out. This unfortunate debut would continue to be a theme throughout his career as Yoong would fail to finish in eight of the 14 races he would compete in.

The Malaysian driver's best result would come in just his third race at the 2002 opening race in Australia where he would take seventh place earning him his one and only point in Formula One - his best result after that was eight races later at the French Grand Prix in which he would finish in tenth which in 2002 wasn't a points paying position.

Yoong's last race came at the Japanese Grand Prix which he failed to finish.

His best finish in the championship was 20th in 2002.


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