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In the eighth instalment of the Turkish Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton came through the pack in tricky conditions to take victory by over 20 seconds to second placed Sergio Perez (Racing Point) who today showed exactly why he deserves a seat next year. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) finally managed a podium on the final lap passing teammate Leclerc for third place.

"That's for all the kids out there who dream the impossible."

In the nine years I've been watching F1 I have never seen Lewis Hamilton as emotional as he was when he crossed the line to win his Seventh World Championship to equal the great Schumacher. There's no doubt that Lewis Hamilton is one of if not the greatest driver in this history of this sport - most wins, most podiums, most fastest laps and now joint in Championship titles - simply incredible.

The race started off... slowly as the cars crawled off the line on a track with such little grip. Going into turn one Ocon (Renault) and Bottas (Mercedes) spin and drop to the back of the grid - in a race Bottas had to outscore Hamilton by eight points or more to take the title fight to Bahrain Bottas ended the day no where near the points. Bottas would end up spinning a few more times during the race.

Further into lap one we saw Hamilton attempt a pass but went wide and lost places to Vettel, Verstappen (Red Bull) and Albon (Red Bull).

With the conditions ever changing, Leclerc in the Prancing Horse pitted first for the intermediate tyres which clearly by lap seven was the perfect time as Leclerc came out and instantly started setting purple sectors. This caused a chain reaction with a on lap eight Bottas pits and then lap nine Hamilton and Vettel pit with Stroll pitting from the lead on lap 10.

With the pit stop phase of the race in full swing Alex Albon took the lead which was the first time in F1 history where a Thai driver has lead a Championship race.

On lap 13 we saw Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) coming to stop to be the first retirement of the race. This because of where the Alfa Romeo stop caused the Virtual Safety Car (VSC) which lasted just two laps.

On lap 36 we thought Magnussen (Haas) was out when we saw him stopped at the end of the pit lane but he was rolled back to his pit stop they attempted the stop once more and he was sent out.

On lap 38 Hamilton takes the lead from Sergio Perez. Where he would build an instant gap in the end taking out over 20 seconds on the Racing Point.

A few laps later on lap 43 Nicholas Latifi (Williams) is retired from the race - it is unknown what the issue is.

To put into perspective just how bad Bottas' race was is by lap 46 Hamilton lapped his teammate.

The next race is the Bahrain Grand Prix.


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