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Lewis Hamilton wins an incredible British Grand Prix to take his eighth victory at Silverstone - first winning his home race back in 2008 for McLaren. Charles Leclerc finishes second for his first podium in 2021 ahead of the second Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas as Red Bull failed to score as Verstappen didn't make it past lap one and Perez ended the race in 16th with the fastest lap - but not taking the point as he was outside the top ten.

It was as dramatic as you could have hoped on lap one at the 2021 British Grand Prix as Verstappen and Hamilton battle it out for the lead of the race and as the two Championship contenders headed into T8 they make contact causing Verstappen to go straight into the barriers at unbelievable speeds which left the Championship leader winded. The red flag was then rightly deployed and the session was stopped.

The race was then resumed under a standing start with Leclerc starting from pole with Hamilton ready to take the fight to the Ferrari from the word go and after a few laps Hamilton was given a 10 second penalty which he would serve later on in the race as the tyre's lasted a lot longer than they did last year.

On the restart Vettel attempted a move on the Alpine of Fernando Alonso but was a little too trigger happy and spun his Aston Martin - this ultimately led to his retirement towards the end of the race.

By lap 15 Leclerc having led since the restart on lap four - Charles comes onto the radio complaining that his engine keeps stopping but thankfully for the Monaco born driver its a mapping issue not a mechanical issue which meant he could carry on.

On lap 28 Hamilton pits from second to serve his 10 second penalty putting him out in fifth behind Norris (McLaren) - Ferrari now lead 1-2.

Sainz then pits the next lap from second and showing good pace but a poor stop puts out in sixth - his eventual finishing position.

It didn't take Hamilton long to pass Norris just four laps to put the defending Champion into third. Then just nine laps later Bottas is told to swap with Hamilton which he does.

And ten laps later the cheers of the British crowd floods the Silverstone track as Hamilton makes a fantastic move to pass Leclerc for the lead of the race - in all of this drama Hamilton only lead two laps and takes his first win since the Spanish Grand Prix.

The next race is the Hungarian Grand Prix.


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