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Lewis Hamilton wins for the second time in Portugal for his 97th race win with his closest championship rival Max Verstappen coming in second with and Hamilton's teammate Bottas completing the podium in third with the Finn taking the extra point for fastest lap.

Bottas began the race on pole and got away well keeping the lead going into the first corner with Perez in his Red Bull going back from fourth on the grid to fifth being passed by Sainz on the start.

Kimi Raikkonen's weekend came to an early end when he made contact with his Alfa Romeo teammate Antonio Giovinazzi - leaving Raikkonen with half a front wing - Kimi didn't bother trying to go round and pit but instead went into a gravel trap and that was that for Raikkonen - with the car still in a somewhat dangerous place the Safety Car was deployed up until lap seven.

It was Max Verstappen who got the better restart out of him and Hamilton making a move on the Mercedes for second into the first corner. Bottas kept the lead.

It was just four laps later on lap 11 when Verstappen made a slight mistake which gave Hamilton the run he needed to get back past Verstappen.

On lap 18 Ricciardo (McLaren) passes former Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) for tenth place after Ricciardo started from 16th on the grid.

On lap 20 Bottas seemed to lose the race lead to Hamilton in a similar fashion to last year by going defensive and practically gifting the lead to Lewis.

By lap 22 of 66 - the teams began pitting with Sainz (Ferrari) being the first to blink - a lap later the likes of Norris (McLaren), Ocon (Alpine), Vettel and Giovinazzi all pitted.

It wasn't until lap 36 that one of the top three pitted - the first being Verstappen - pitting for the hard tyres dropping behind Perez into fourth place. The next lap Bottas pitted - Perez now goes into second - with Bottas initially coming out in second before Verstappen made a wonderful pass just three corners later to give the Dutchman third. Hamilton leads, before pitting gifting Perez the lead.

Then on lap 51 Hamilton made the move on the Red Bull of Perez to take the lead - the next lap Perez finally pitted - he came out fourth.

On lap 64 - Mercedes pit Bottas to go for the extra point for fastest lap and Red Bull reacted to this by pitting Verstappen on lap 65 to do the same thing an initially when Verstappen crossed the line he had the point but it was taken from him just moments later meaning Bottas takes the extra point.

The next race is the Spanish Grand Prix.

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