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What a way to bring in a new month. If this is how February starts cant wait to see what happens next. It was announced this morning that Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes at the end of the year to join Ferrari for 2025 partnering with Charles Leclerc, which suggest Carlos Sainz will make the move to Audi as has been reported heavily in recent months.

Hamilton has for the longest time been asked wether he would ever consider joining Ferrari and was always very focused on being a Mercedes driver and committing to the team that have now given him six World Championships.

This to F1 fans is a partnership made in heaven - the most successful team with the most successful driver. It's almost like we have seen that before...

Now everyone will simply be hoping that Ferrari can bring a competitive car to the table in 2025 because I don't think there's anything people want more than, one a Ferrari to win a race, two Leclerc to be World Champion and three for Lewis to win at least one race in a Ferrari.

I never thought this would happen but here we are. This also means that 2025 will be the first time in his career that Lewis will race without a Mercedes engine...

All I can say now is bring on 2025!

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