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This was the first win for a Ferrari at Monza in nine years, the last time we saw a Ferrari on the top step at the Autodromo was Fernando Alonso back in 2010. This is now two back to back victories for Leclerc and two races of disappointment for Sebastian Vettel. This result continues Ferrari's positive run of form since returning from the summer break.

"I’ve never imagined, I’ve never dreamed of something like this before".

The words of Charles Leclerc after winning the only race any Ferrari driver ever wants to win. By winning this race Charles jumps Vettel in the Championship pushing himself into fourth and Vettel into fifth - however the top two is still unchanged with Hamilton still leading and Bottas still in second.

Leclerc managed the race superbly well coming under the ultimate pressure of Lewis Hamilton, but with a great strategy from Ferrari to put Charles onto the hard compound he was able to maintain the pace but also go longer into the race than Hamilton who was put onto a softer tyre. Then around the half way point Leclerc was shown the black and white flag which Charlie Whiting wasn't the biggest fan of so we saw very little of it in F1 but saw more of it in other racing formula's then later on we saw what most would of believed would be a penalty for Leclerc after he locked up into turn one and went across the corner however no further action was taken as it was deemed that the Ferrari did not in fact gain an advantage.

Photo Credit: Formula

In the later part of the race Charles came under pressure by the other Mercedes - but if Hamilton can't break Leclerc then it was unlikely that Bottas would be able to do so but with small mistakes here and there and the lack of straight line speed compared to the Ferrari just simply meant no one but Charles was set to win this race.

It was a good race for Renault after Ricciardo scored fourth (his best finish since leaving Red Bull), and Hulkenberg finished in fifth. Other drivers who had a good Sunday included Giovinazzi (at his home race) who managed to take home the last point in tenth.

On the other hand you have those who's race didn't go as planned including Kvyat (engine problems), Sainz (loose wheel nut), Magnussen (engine issues).

After receiving a 10 second stop and go penalty for rejoining the track in an unsafe way Vettel's race went from bad to worse as a string of mistakes meant he only managed 13th place without the consolidation of a point for fastest lap - which eventually went to Hamilton with his 1.21.7 - just seven tenths of the lap record set by Barrichello in 2004 with a 1.21.0.

Your top five for the Italian Grand Prix is;

1. Leclerc

2. Bottas

3. Hamilton

4. Ricciardo

5. Hulkenberg


The championship after this race is as follows;

1. Lewis Hamilton - 284 (+16)

2. Valtteri Bottas - 221 (+18)

3. Max Verstappen - 185 (+4)

4. Charles Leclerc - 182 (+25)

5. Sebastian Vettel - 169 (+0)

The next race is the Singapore Grand Prix.

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