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Photo Credit: Formula One

Unlike Germany the Hungarian Grand Prix was less wheel to wheel based action but more on the strategic side of things. Which in for action on track it is slightly dull - however at the end of the race the action picked up with Hamilton hunting down Verstappen for his [Hamilton] 81st career victory.

Early on we saw some close fighting between the two Toro Rosso drivers through turns two to five where eventually Albon was pushed just wide enough that Kvyat could take the position. We saw a similar move between Ricciardo (Renault) and Stroll (Racing Point) where we saw Stroll having to run wide into the entrance off the corner.

Many laps later - towards the end of the race a similar moment happened between Hamilton and Verstappen, however this time Hamilton ran wide purely from pushing too hard and carrying too much momentum into the turn.

Photo Credit: Formula One

In terms of who had a successful weekend you have to mention Verstappen holding off Hamilton to the very end, but due to a poor strategy from Red Bull he wasn't quite able to hold on - eventually however the Dutchman did pit for a fresh set of tyres and ended the race in second with the fastest lap and a new lap record in his back pocket.

Other drivers who had a successful weekend include Carlos Sainz (McLaren) who took home another fifth place finish and Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) who once again finished in the points - coming home in seventh a place ahead of Bottas (Mercedes) who on the contrary had a relatively disappointing weekend at a crucial time in his season where Mercedes will look at his performances and consider if he is the right man for the job - as team principle Toto Wolff has made it clear to the press that Esteban Ocon is ready and waiting for another chance in Formula One.

Photo Credit: Formula One

Your top five from the 12th round is;

1. Hamilton

2. Verstappen

3. Vettel

4. Leclerc

5. Sainz

And now the championship standing after 12 rounds looks like this;

1. Hamilton - 250 points (+25)

2. Bottas - 188 points (+4)

3. Verstappen - 181 points (+19)

4. Vettel - 156 points (+15)

5. Leclerc - 132 points (+12)

The next race is the Belgium Grand Prix

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