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Photo Credit: Steven Tee

The 2019 German Grand Prix will surely go down in history as one of the best races in a long time. From difficult conditions to the crashes and the high levels of drama. With Verstappen taking his second victory in three races along with Vettel taking a superb second after starting last and Kvyat finishing in a podium place three years after his last and nine years since Toro Rosso was last on a podium.

The race started behind the safety car due to the 'torrential' conditions. The cars were lead around the track for two laps to get the drivers used to the conditions (meaning the race was shortened to 64 laps). All the drivers except both Red Bull drivers Gasly and Verstappen struggled with wheel spin and for Verstappen some form of clutch issue.

On the exit off the first corner (starting the second lap) Perez went over some standing water causing him to spin his Racing Point into the wall leading into turn two causing a full course safety car.

Photo Credit: Formula One

Perez wasn't the only driver to struggle in such unpredictable weather conditions with Nico Hulkenberg - Renault (pictured above) went off going into the final corner onto tarmac which simply had no grip and if a driver found themselves there it was almost inevitable that they would end up in the wall. Leclerc had the same issue as Hulkenberg did just laps before after struggling with grip coming into the final corner catching his front left wheel on the kerb. Later on into the race we saw Hamilton nearly bin his Mercedes in the wall in a very similar fashion however Lewis got away with some front wing damage. When he entered the pits we had gone past the bollard which resulted in him receiving a five second penalty which is "absolute bollards" as he [Hamilton] would have had to go against the way of the track and if he had done that most likely would have received an even greater penalty

Photo Credit: Steven Tee

Hamilton was able to finish the grand prix in a lowly ninth place. However teammate Bottas didn't have the same luck as his five time World Champion rival after he had a similar crash to Perez causing him to of course retire from the race after he looked to gain points in the championship.

Both Ricciardo (Renault) and Norris (McLaren) retired due to mechanical failures.

On the penultimate lap Gasly went for a move on the Toro Rosso of Albon and somehow ended up with a broken front wing which meant he too couldn't finish the race. However as it was so close to the end of the race Gasly is officially classified as finishing in 14th place.

Photo Credit: Formula One

After the Alfa Romeo received a post race penalty pushing Kimi Raikkonen down to 12th place... Williams have finally scored their first points this year with Robert Kubica finishing in 10th place.

Photo Credit: Steven Tee

The top five for the German Grand Prix:

1. Max Verstappen

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Daniil Kvyat

4. Lance Stroll

5. Carlos Sainz

And the championship now is as stands:

1. Hamilton - 225 points (+2)

2. Bottas - 184 points (+0)

3. Verstappen - 162 points (+26)

4. Vettel - 141 points (+18)

5. Leclerc - 120 points (+0)

The next race is the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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