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It was a record breaking weekend for Lewis Hamilton as he took a sixth victory at the British Grand Prix surpassing drivers such as Alain Prost and Jim Clark. It was clear from lights out that Hamilton was determined to take the victory at his home race, with a tense battle with team-mate Bottas within the first 15 laps.

For the first 15 laps of the race Bottas took the pressure by Hamilton and continued to race well but eventually Hamilton's pace was too much for the Finn and Hamilton was able to get away. Further back the future of Formula One - Leclerc and Verstappen fought it out for third place for the majority of the Grand Prix up until a rear right failure for the Alfa Romeo of Antonio Giovinazzi who caused the Safety Car to come out and close the field up. Hamilton took full advantage of this and made his pit stop and was able to stay ahead of Bottas after creating enough of a gap before the pit stop.

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Other drivers began making their stops under the Safety Car including Verstappen and Leclerc who once were both out Charles came onto the radio and began questioning how after some amazing defending he has ended up behind Verstappen.

Then with around 20 laps to go it all goes wrong for Vettel and Verstappen as after Max had passed Sebastian, Vettel decided to go back for a move to get back the position but by this time the door had been closed and Vettel went straight into the rear of the Red Bull in a similar accident to that of Ricciardo and Verstappen in Baku a few years ago. Luckily this time for Verstappen there was little to no damage made to his car after he was launched over the kerb on the corner - both drivers continued on however Vettel was forced to pit due to damage on the nose of the Ferrari which ended in him finishing behind Russell who finished in a respectable P14 his best finish so far in the disappointingly slow Williams car.

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The racing continued to the very end with a great fight between two ex-Red Bull drivers Sainz (McLaren) and Ricciardo (Renault).

This is the Championship after the British Grand Prix.

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