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The Austrian Grand Prix has become an instant classic. With exciting racing from start to finish, with Verstappen struggling off the start and dropping from second to seventh along with Vettel fighting his way up the field after starting tenth.

The Austrian Grand Prix saw the youngest ever front row in F1 history with Leclerc (21 yrs old) on pole and Max Verstappen (21 yrs old) in second.

Many would of written of the Red Bull of Verstappen to be a contender for the race victory after his disastrous get away which saw him drop from second to seventh in a matter of seconds - in contrast to this you had the McLaren of Lando Norris who started from fourth have the perfect start to the race managing at one point to be second behind the then race leader Charles Leclerc

The cameras couldn't look away from Verstappen as he charged through the field making superb passes on four time World Champion Vettel, Valtteri Bottas and former karting rival Charles Leclerc. This unexpected pace shocked many as the majority believed that despite the poor qualifying from Mercedes they would simply fight their way back and go on to win yet another race in 2019. Thankfully for many this wasn't the case and fans and spectators saw an 'instant classic' full of pure racing between the titans of Formula 1 (Hamilton and Vettel) and the next generation of the sport in Verstappen and Leclerc.

Yet again Charles Leclerc misses out on his first career victory, after being denied in Bahrain with technical issues this time he simply didn't have the speed to hold off Verstappen for all of the 71 laps around the Red Bull Ring.

For Max [Verstappen] however this was his sixth career win and Red Bulls 60th grand prix victory.

The top five for the Austrian Grand Prix is:

1. Verstappen

2. Leclerc

3. Bottas

4. Vettel

5. Hamilton

And the Championship after eight rounds is as follows:

1. Hamilton - 197 points

2. Bottas - 166 points

3. Verstappen - 126 points

4. Vettel - 123 points

5. Leclerc - 105 points

The next race is the British Grand Prix.

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