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This race marked the 50th Canadian Grand Prix... and what a race it turned out to be. It was a weekend where Ferrari were going to turn it around and get their first win of 2019 - they managed their first pole in qualifying but at the later stages of the race it all went wrong for the Prancing Horses but more specifically Sebastian Vettel.

It was a good start to the race for both Vettel and Hamilton from the front row of the grid. Both drivers managed to create a gap from third place man Leclerc (Ferrari), it wasn't the start Bottas (Mercedes) was looking for as he bogged down at the start and had to make up some places after dropping a few places coming out of turns three and four. And it possibly couldn't have been a worse start for Albon (Toro Rosso) after he squeezed out of space on the run into turn one loosing his entire front wing and causing him to make a much earlier than planned pit stop.

Later into the race many thought the McLaren of Norris had hit the Wall of Champions as his rear left wheel had become dislodged - it was in-fact a suspension issue which then caused a small fire by the wheel.

Norris and Albon where the only non-finishers of this race.

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The biggest controversy in this race and possibly this season is the penalty Vettel received after his snap of oversteer into turn three and into turn four where he had to run wide onto the grass and get back onto the track and with his out of control car slightly pushed Hamilton wide despite there not being a place at the point in the track where a car can go wide and so many feel that the penalty was not justified.

If you want to see the full details of the penalty go to the Formula One website:

Penalties like these are ruining racing for the spectators and drivers as in this case Vettel could have done nothing to stop pushing Hamilton out as he did not have full control over his car.

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The many winners of this race include Ricciardo who finished an amazing P6 in the Renault and home boy Lance Stroll who managed P9 in his Racing Point - at the race where he scored his first F1 points.

The top five for this race was:

1. Vettel (+5 second penalty)

2. Hamilton

3. Leclerc

4. Bottas

5. Verstappen

The next race is the French Grand Prix.

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