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FIA Director of Formula 1 Charlie Whiting has this morning passed away at the age of 66. Mr Whiting was in Melbourne for the start of the upcoming season where he suffered a pulmonary embolism. This has shocked the world of Formula 1 so close to the new season.

All the drivers have paid tribute to Charlie calling him a

"Pillar of Formula 1".

One tribute which caught my eye was Robert Kubica who said:

“It’s a hard moment. I saw Sebastian walking with Charlie yesterday and I thought I would not interrupt them because I was going to see him on Friday in the drivers’ briefing. Unfortunately that will not be the case. It’s very sad. He was a kind of icon of Formula 1 but not only Formula 1. He was… a racer, also keeping up everything in the regulations. He was really the kind of person you could always trust and commit, so it’s a very sad moment. My thoughts are with his family.”

Within his obituary the last line reads:

'As with all great F1 characters, he leaves a huge void with his passing'.

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