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If you are as passionate about Formula 1 as I am then having the opportunity to speak to someone like Crofty is like a dream come true. I was fortunate enough to speak to Crofty through my Journalism course at University... and this is what he had to say regarding the upcoming season, Kubica's return and safety in Formula 1.

I phoned David to ask him a total of eight questions - here are a handful of them and what he had to say in response...

Q: In your view which driver line-up is the strongest?

DC: "you would have to say Mercedes as both drivers have a won a race and can win a race... on pure driving merit you would have to say Mercedes have it this year."

Q: What would you say the is the impact of a driver like Kubica returning to the sport?

- For this question Crofty went into a large amount of detail (which in fairness he did for every question).

DC: "Kubica returning to F1 is an inspiration to everyone and it shows you that what ever happens you shouldn't ever let anyone get in the way of you achieving your dream."

Q: If there was one driver to stop Hamilton taking a sixth World Championship who would that be?

DC: "If there was one person to stop Hamilton being a six time champion I would have to say... Binotto, Ferrari's new boss... they [Ferrari] have probably had the best car in the last few years but haven't had the leadership to show it... he is someone that can rejuvenate Sebastian Vettel."

The interview lasted 27 minutes and 38 seconds (mainly because Crofty talks a lot) but this was genuinely one of the most incredible moments of my life.

A massive thank you to David for agreeing to speak to me.

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