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By the reactions from drivers it appears that the first day of testing was a successful day - apart from two things - one (pictured above) Kimi Raikkonen in his new Alfa Romeo spinning out on his first lap at turn five, and secondly the fact Williams will not be able to be on track until Wednesday - at the latest.

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Pictured Above: the fastest times of the first day in Barcelona - of course we can never take too much away from testing as teams run different tyres and some drivers will do more laps than others.

Hamilton said “It's great to see the car is running as smoothly at it is. It feels quite a bit different compared to last year and we're now getting to know it, trying to understand the balance and trying to understand the characteristics we're working with."

Vettel's view of the first day was summed up when he said “What they put on track today is very close to perfection for the first day of driving – the amount of laps we did, how the team was handling the car. Obviously everything was more on the edge compared to last year’s car. No major dramas so from that point of view, it was very good.”

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