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Image Credits: GETTY Images

Eight years after sustaining serious injuries in a rallying crash - Kubica will return to the F1 grid with Williams in 2019 replacing current driver Sergey Sirotkin.

After the announcement was made Robert came out and said "It has been a challenging journey to get back to the Formula 1 grid, but what seemed almost impossible is now beginning to feel possible, as I am excited to be able to say that I will be on the Formula 1 grid in 2019"

"Being back on the F1 grid next season will be one of my greatest achievements of my life"

Kubica has experience in more modern F1 cars as he was Williams test driver for the 2018 season after being beaten to the race seat by Russian driver Sirotkin.

F1 first saw Kubica in 2006 - he took 12 podiums and his single Formula 1 victory* in the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix - his best ever finish to date is fourth in the drivers championship standings.

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