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The big news taken from the Brazilian Grand Prix was Mercedes winning their fifth Constructors Championship - now just shy of Ferrari's record six constructor titles in a row. Other big stories include the collision between Verstappen and Ocon - costing the Red Bull the race win.

Hamilton gained the lead of the race after Verstappen came into contact with Ocon after the Force India was told to unlap himself as he was quicker than the then race leader on a fresh set of tyres.

Pictured above is the moment Hamilton passed Verstappen for the lead and the victory.

Verstappen was still able to finish second with Raikkonen finishing third this being his second podium at Interlagos in a row and his seventh career podium at Brazil.

Notable finishes include Charles Leclerc the youngster from Monaco who managed a seventh place finish in the Sauber. This gets you wondering... if he can score well in a car which generally is seen as a backmarker, what can he achieve at Ferrari next year.

The Formula 1 circus now looks forwards to the final race at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi where the drivers will fight for personal glory since both titles have now been concluded.

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