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Max Verstappen comes back from tenth place to win the Hungarian Grand Prix as Ferrari fail to get one fo their drivers on the podium after various strategy calls that went wrong for the Prancing Horse. Verstappen now a grand prix winner for the 28th time with Hamilton and Russell joining him on the podium for the second race in a row.

As the lights went out is was George Russell (Mercedes) who got away best off the line well - Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) tries into turn one but Russell stays ahead and the two Ferraris behind him clearly the quicker of the two constructors.

Just the very next lap the VSC (Virtual Safety Car) was deployed and the race is slowed down due to debris on the track from an incident involving Vettel (Aston Martin) and Alex Albon (Williams) who is forced to pit to repair his front wing. On the next lap racing resumes to full speed and Russell makes up ground on the restart.

It was lap 17 when the first of the front runners - Russell comes in to the pits from the lead meaning Sainz leads from Leclerc (Ferrari) and Russell rejoins in sixth and Verstappen (Red Bull) also comes in and is down into eighth. Hamilton (Mercedes) is now third with Perez (Red Bull) in fourth. Then on the very next lap its Sainz who pits from the lead giving his teammate the lead of the race and he comes back out in sixth place. Then one lap after Sainz (lap 19) Perez pits from third and drops down to tenth.

On lap 20 Hamilton pits from second and rejoins the track in seventh behind Alonso (Alpine) and Verstappen. The top three after all the pit stops is Leclerc, Russell and Sainz with Leclerc yet to pit, meaning Russell has the net race lead.

And eventually on lap 21 Leclerc comes into the pits from the lead of this race - and comes back out behind Russell but ahead of Sainz in third.

Just ten laps after pitting it was a diving move into turn one and Leclerc passes Russell for the lead of the race and looks comfortable at this stage of the race.

Forty laps into this race Leclerc pits from the lead as Russell also pits from second - Sainz now leads from Hamilton with Leclerc rejoining in third with Russell dropping behind Verstappen and is into sixth. Perez gets out the way and allows Verstappen through towards the end of the lap as Max is clearly the quicker of the two cars.

Then on lap 41 into turn one Verstappen passes Leclerc relatively easily and the reigning champion is up into third. And on the very next lap Verstappen has had a moment coming out of the penultimate corner and is back down to fourth defending hard from Russell - Leclerc is back into third.

It didn't take long for a pass back into third as Verstappen with a lovely move round the outside of Leclerc on lap 46. Verstappen still the quickest man out on track despite his moment a few laps ago.

From lap 57 - 51 a few of the front runners make some more pit stops.

On lap 54 Russell moves ahead of Leclerc for second place into the first corner - a move he was lining up for a few laps before. Despite the move Leclerc pits on the very next lap from third due to the struggles the Ferrari driver was having on the hard tyres - Leclerc comes back out in sixth behind Perez.

With not long left (lap 63/70) Hamilton is up into third after passing Sainz down the start finish straight. Two laps later Hamilton gets past Russell on the exit of turn three and Hamilton is into second place but a ten second gap to Verstappen was just too much for Hamilton.

On lap 68 Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) pulls over and is out and the VSC is deployed. The very next and penultimate lap the green flag is out and racing is up to full speed once again. And its a precession to the end for the top three

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