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After a disappointing first race in Bahrain Red Bull fought back to take victory in Jeddah in a race which many felt should not have happened after the events earlier on in the week.

Perez (Red Bull) got away well and leads into turn one heading Leclerc (Ferrari) in second and Verstappen (Red Bull) is up into third with Sainz (Ferrari) in fourth and Ocon (Alpine) in fifth.

On lap 16 it was Perez who comes into the pits from the lead and is the first of the top five to do so and comes out in fifth behind Russell (Mercedes) - Leclerc now leads from Verstappen to Sainz.

Just one lap later and to Perez's disappointment the VSC is deployed as Latifi (Williams) is in the wall and then the full safety car is deployed - Leclerc keeps the lead after staying out - Verstappen is in second and Perez in third.

On lap 21 the Safety Car comes in as Leclerc gets away well with the Ferrari leading and Sainz passes Perez for third (Perez had to give back the position - but there’s an argument this should have happened during the Safety Car period) with Russell up to fifth.

Suddenly issues began to happen and it all started on lap 36 with Alonso (Alpine) slowing down. Massively unfortunate for Alonso and Alpine in what had been such a great race for both driver and constructor.

Then on the very next lap (37) Ricciardo (McLaren) comes to a halt and is out of the race

Then the lap after Ricciardo has stopped (38) Bottas (Alfa Romeo) pits and is retired from the race - Alonso comes to a halt and is also out. The Virtual Safety Car is deployed.

On lap 41 the VSC ends and Hamilton who makes his 180th start for Mercedes, pits from sixth and comes out in twelfth behind Magnussen (Haas).

And then on the very next lap (42) the fight for the lead was well underway and Verstappen passes Leclerc to take the lead but Leclerc comes back under braking and re-takes the lead of the race. A brilliant fight between the two drivers.

On lap 43 Verstappen tries to get the lead back and has a massive lock up and loses time to Leclerc in front.

Then on lap 47 Verstappen takes the lead into turn one and because of Albon (Williams) colliding with Stroll (Aston Martin), yellow flags force Leclerc to stay behind and helped Max come home to take his first win of 2022.

The next race is the Australian Grand Prix.

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