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We've been waiting for a good race for a while and the Dutch Grand Prix certainly delivered that - with the changing conditions we simply couldn't tell what would happen. But despite all the chaos Max Verstappen come out on top to equal Sebastian Vettel's record of nine consecutive victories and theres no reason why he won't beat that record. Alonso and Gasly both back on the podium respectively helped of course with Perez's five second time penalty.

As always it was Max Verstappen who lead into turn one with Lando Norris in second and Fernando Alonso who took third from George Russell but by the end of the first lap its gone from dry to heavy rain but very few decide to pit - Sergio Perez alongside around five others pit with Charles Leclerc coming in and Ferrari didn’t seem to have any tyres ready, which was just the start of the Ferrari drivers woes this race.

By the third lap, Verstappen pits and George Russell and Lando Norris are now fighting for the lead with Russell in first and Norris second… but it doesn't take long for Sergio Perez who pitted first and with the inters on Perez leads the race just two laps later.

On lap seven Verstappen passes Zhou yes Zhou for second to make it a Red Bull one two.

And on lap twelve Max Verstappen comes in from second for dry tyres as Red Bull leave Perez out on the inters so it’s even easier for Verstappen to pass him. On the very next lap (13/72) Perez pits for drys and no surprise Verstappen now leads the race. Unclear why Perez wasn’t pitted first considering he was the lead driver.

Logan Sargeant only made it 17 laps before he crashes and forces the full Safety Car to be deployed. Disappointing for Sargeant after his qualifying performance yesterday and won’t help his fight for a seat next season.

The Safety Car comes in on lap 22 with Verstappen in first, Perez second and Alonso third at the restart. Then as there often is in an F1 race there was a period of nothing happening until on lap 43 when Ferrari finally decided to end Leclerc's pain by pitting him and retiring the car from the race.

We then had another period of nothing until on lap 61 the rain returned and it was HEAVY - interestingly Verstappen carries on for another lap along with Alonso and Albon from the top five.

But the very next lap (62/72) Verstappen pitted from the lead and will stay in the lead as the two cars behind him also stayed out for the extra lap.

With the rain not shifting and seemingly getting heavier the first real incident since the rain came back was when Perez went straight on at turn one gifting Alonso second. However Perez does keep third ahead of Gasly.

On the very next lap (64/72) Zhou is out and has gone straight into the barrier at turn one.

The race is red flagged. This is due to the conditions and the fact so many drivers had drifted off at turn one and that there was a car stranded in the barriers.

Verstappen leads with Alonso in second and Gasly is third.

Perez pit but with the red flag coming out when he was in the pit he has became stuck in the pitlane because of the change of lights at the end of the pit lane.

We get back underway with a rolling start after following the Safety Car for two laps. Verstappen leads but Alonso isn’t far away in second with Perez in third.

But after the penalty for Perez - Gasly is gifted third place.

The next race is the Italian Grand Prix.

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