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Max Verstappen takes his 30th F1 victory and with that can now mathematically win the title in Singapore in two weeks time. The Red Bull was clearly the quickest car this afternoon with a red flag at the end or not. But ultimately with the race finishing under the Safety Car Red Bull come out on top once again this season.

It was a good start from Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and George Russell (Mercedes) with Leclerc leading into turn one as Russell goes wide but keeps second. Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) is into third and Verstappen is already up to fourth from his starting position of seventh. By the second lap Verstappen was already into third and a podium place. And then on lap five a good braking move on Russell into turn one puts the reigning World Champion into second and now all he has to do is chase race leader Leclerc.

Just 12 laps into the race we saw the first of four retirements as Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) goes slowly and stops on the side of the track with a power unit issue and is out and the VSC is deployed. Leclerc pits from the lead but Verstappen and Russell continue on, leading one two.

On the very next lap (13/53) the green flag is shown as Leclerc exits the pits just ahead of Ricciardo in third. Verstappen and Russell remain out in front.

On lap 24 George Russell pits from second and comes back out in fourth place ahead of Lando Norris (McLaren). The top three is now Verstappen, Leclerc and Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).

Two laps later (26/53) Verstappen pits from the lead and rejoins this race in second well ahead of Sainz but behind Leclerc who retakes the lead of the race.

It was on lap 31 when Sainz pits for the first time in this race from third. He comes back out in in eighth behind the Red Bull of Sergio Perez.

Lap 32 Fernando Alonso (Alpine) is told to pit and is retired from this race. Becoming the second retiree from this race

It was lap 33 when Leclerc pitted for a second time from the lead going onto the soft tyres and comes out in second just ahead of Russell but Verstappen once again leads the race.

Lap 41 Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) is retired from the race, and just six laps later (47/53) Ricciardo has stopped on track and is out with an unknown issue. This means the Safety Car is deployed as Russell and Sainz pit but Verstappen and Leclerc stay out initially. But Verstappen will pit from the lead along with Leclerc in second on the very next lap but keep their positions.

Ultimately the race finishes behind the Safety Car and for the first time Verstappen wins in Monza.

Finally a shout out to Nyck de Vries who stood in for Alex Albon for this weekend manages to become the 62nd driver to score points on his grand prix debut taking ninth place for Williams. de Vries a driver who should certainly be given a full time seat in F1.

The next race is the Singapore Grand Prix.

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