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F1 was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for the second round of the season and a race which has delivered in the past - to be honest didn't do so this year this a simple race out front with the Red Bull of Perez dominating with the pure pace of that Red Bull. Verstappen was able to come back from 15th to second in an impressive comeback drive at what isn't the easiest track to drive. Alonso returns to the podium for the second race in a row for his century of podiums in F1 becoming only the sixth driver in the sports history to do so.

It was a lightning start from Fernando Alonso who lead into turn one from Sergio Perez with George Russell in third but Alonso will have a penalty due to an incorrect starting position. The Aston Martin is given a five second penalty for an incorrect starting position the Spaniard was too far left of his starting position.

It was another race to forget for the McLaren team as by lap three both cars had pit for damaged front wings. Both now in 20th and 19th place with Oscar Piastri ahead of Lando Norris.

It only took until the fourth lap Perez gets the lead back from Alonso going into turn one - Max Verstappen only up to 13th from 15th at this early stage.

Lance Stroll only made it 18 laps into this race before being forced to pull over with an engine issue and the Safety Car is deployed. On the very next lap Perez pits from the lead and Alonso comes in from second but has to serve his five second penalty but still manages to keep second place ahead of Russell who also pitted from third.

The Safety Car comes in on lap 21 and Perez got away well and keeps the lead with Alonso in second and Russell in third with Verstappen now in fourth.

On lap 25 Verstappen moves into second with a simple move on the Aston Martin of Alonso. The only other driver in history to win from 15th place, (Singapore 2008). Alonso remains the only driver to do so.

27 laps in Alex Albon (Williams) begins slowing down with a brake problem - he attempted to carry on passing the pit lane the first time round but he will have to retire, and does so on the very next lap (Lap 28).

The next race is the Australian Grand Prix.

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