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Lewis Hamilton takes a century of wins at a dramatic race in Russia as the rain predicted came down in the final few laps as its heartbreak for Lando Norris as Max Verstappen comes back from last to second with Carlos Sainz taking a third place finish after starting the race from second.

It was a good get away for Norris (McLaren) but Sainz (Ferrari) leads from Norris into turn one despite a small lock up and its a poor start for Hamilton as he struggles and begins to drop a few places off the line dropping back George Russell remains third in the Williams.

On lap six Verstappen (Red Bull) passes Bottas (Mercedes) for 14th - an important move for Max in the context of the race and the championship.

On lap 13 the first of the pit stops began with Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) is the first to pit from fourth and he comes out in 15th behind Valtteri Bottas. And on the same lap Norris makes the move on Sainz to retake the lead of the race.

A lap later Russell pits from third

Then on lap 15 Sainz pits from second - and comes out ahead of Stroll in 13th. Despite a slow stop with an issue on the rear left tyre. By lap 16 after the first few stops McLaren lead one two with Norris out front and Hamilton in third.

Then on lap 23 Ricciardo pits from second but its a slow stop and Ricciardo comes out 14th behind Ocon. Hamilton is now second with Perez third. Norris still leads

On lap 27 Hamilton pits from second and Max comes in with Hamilton coming out in ninth and Verstappen out in 12th Sergio Perez is now second and Alonso (Alpine) in third.

The next lap Norris comes in from the lead which means Perez takes the lead with Norris out in fourth - Alonso in second and Leclerc (Ferrari) in third.

Around nine laps later Alonso and Perez pit giving Norris the lead with Hamilton close behind in second.

Suddenly it all changed as the rain starts to come down on lap 46 and Sainz says to get ready with the inters.

Just three laps later Verstappen comes in for the inters which was ultimately the right call as the rain intensified very quickly.

Finally on lap 50 / 53 Hamilton comes in for his set of intermediate tyres - Norris still refues to pit which would eventually loose him his first ever race victory in F1 - Lewis comes out in second.

A lap later Norris slides off and Hamilton takes the lead and now Lando comes in for the inters.

And finally after a five race wait Lewis Hamilton crosses the line to take his 100th victory the only driver to ever reach that record in F1 and a record that will take something very special to beat.

- Mick Schumacher (Haas) was the only retirement from this race.

The next race is the Turkish Grand Prix.


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