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F1 came to Mexico with the hopes of nation on the shoulders of Sergio Perez but it was a very nothing race where the most excitement came when Alonso pulled off to the side, and it was a dominant race from pole sitter Verstappen who simply raced into the distance.

It's Max Verstappen (Red Bull) who got away well with George Russell (Mercedes) in second - but its Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) who takes the place going into turn two with Perez (Red Bull) into third ahead of Russell who drops into fourth.

The first stop from the top five came on lap 24, when Perez pits from third but the stop is slow and it takes five seconds in total which is slow considering the standards of Red Bull.

On the very next lap Verstappen pits from the lead and Hamilton takes over - he comes back out in third ahead of Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).

Five laps later on lap 30, Hamilton pits from the lead and puts on the hards and he will go to the end of the race and Russell now leads from Verstappen to Hamilton and Perez in fourth. On lap 35, Russell pits from the lead and drops into fourth. Verstappen leads the race once more from Hamilton with Perez in third.

The next bit of 'drama' didn't come until lap 52 when Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) is forced to retire after contact with Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) earlier on in the lap.

The final bit of excitement came on lap 65, just six laps from the end, when Fernando Alonso (Alpine) is forced to pull off to the side of the track with engine problems and is out of the race. The VSC is deployed for a lap and then it was a simple finish to this race.

The next race is the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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