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Max Verstappen takes his third victory in Mexico City after a dominant display after leading into the exit of turn three - the Red Bull was simply too good and near on impossible for the Mercedes to catch. Lewis Hamilton comes home in second and after holding out from the pressure of home favourite Sergio Perez (Red Bull) as 'Checo' becomes the first Mexican driver in F1 history to lead a lap and stand on the podium in his home race.

It was a good start from the Mercedes but it was Verstappen who leads to Hamilton into the exit of turn 3 as Bottas is spun round in the middle of the corner dropping him down to 18th - Perez is third and Gasly in fourth - Ricciardo has comes into shot with no front wing - Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) is out as well as Schumacher (Haas). The Safety car is deployed. On lap five the Safety Car comes in. Verstappen leads Hamilton after a good restart from the Red Bull.

Only eight laps into the race Hamilton comes onto the radio to say what everyone watching was thinking at the time saying: “He’s quick” relating to the pace of Max Verstappen.

There was quiet middle stint in this race as the drivers fall back from each other to save tyres bu also because of the altitude at which this race is held.

On lap 30 Hamilton comes in from second - its a 2.4 second stop and Hamilton will comes out in fifth behind Gasly (Alpha Tauri) and Leclerc (Ferrari). Perez is now second with Gasly in third.

Lap 31: Leclerc comes in so it gifts Hamilton fourth place.

Lap 32: Gasly pits - Hamilton now in third behind just the two Red Bulls.

Three laps later Verstappen pits from the lead - a 2.2 seconds stop - Verstappen comes out in second - Perez leads the race the first time a Mexican driver has ever lead his home race.

On lap 40 Perez pits from the lead- a 2.3 second stop and Perez comes out in third, Verstappen now in the lead with Hamilton in second.

Then on lap 42 Bottas (Mercedes) comes in for a second stop but it’s painfully slow as he is stationary for 11 seconds - this really caps off a bad day for the Finnish driver despite starting from pole.

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The next race is the Brazilian Grand Prix.


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