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Photo Credit: Formula One

Ferrari's winning streak came to an end after Vettel's MGU-K failed 28 laps into the Russian Grand Prix - at this point is was the simple job of maintaining the pace after pitting for fresh soft tyres for Lewis Hamilton. After this win it takes Hamilton to 82 career victories and 98 Grand Prix victories for Mercedes and a perfect win record at every Russian Grand Prix for Mercedes.

It was an amazing start for Vettel off the line compared to Hamilton who began the race with a handful of wheel spin. At the other end of the grid Raikkonen jumped forward before the lights turned green and was therefore given a drive-thru penalty. Going into the fourth corner Giovinazzi had his nose where it shouldn't have been between both Grosjean and Ricciardo as he was sandwiched and somehow came out unscathed unlike Grosjean who went straight into the wall and Ricciardo who eventually retired after getting a puncture from the first lap incident.

Photo Credit: Formula One

It was a race that Ferrari believed could have ended in a 1-2 for the Prancing Horses'. After starting on pole for the fourth time but only managed a third place after struggling to keep up the Mercedes.

We later saw Russel retire after his front right failed meaning he didn't make the corner and went straight into the wall.

McLaren had a good race after getting both cars into the points and the same can be said for the Red Bulls after Albon fought back from a penalty.

Photo Credit: Formula One

The championship now looks like so;

1. Lewis Hamilton - 322 (+26)

2. Valtteri Bottas - 249 (+18)

3. Charles Leclerc - 215 (+15)

4. Max Verstappen - 212 (+12)

5. Sebastian Vettel - 149 (+0)

The next race is the Japanese Grand Prix.

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